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Patty Farmer: Connect, Collaborate & Convert – Make More Money While Designing The Lifestyle You Want To Live

Patty Farmer is an International Speaker, Radio Host & Best-Selling Author specializing in Marketing & Business Growth Strategies through Coaching, Mentorship, & Consulting. Patty has created a network of 100,000 + connections while teaching thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers & authors to connect, collaborate and convert in less time and make more money while designing the lifestyle they want to live. Patty was recently awarded the “International Collaborator of the Year” as well as the “Social Media Influencer of the Year” and is known internationally as “The Networking CEO.”

Learn more about Patty at PattyFarmer.com

In this episode you will learn…

  • Why You Should Strive To Serve – Not Sell
  • How To Become The Person Others Trust
  • Connect With 100K People In Just 9-Months
  • Build A Business That Supports Your Lifestyle – Not The Other Way Around
  • The Problem With Old School Networking
  • Ask Better Questions To Get Better Answers
  • Effective Networking

Resources Mentioned in the Episode…

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