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Mike Pisciotta on Taking Responsibility & Control Of Your Life

Mike Pisciotta is the Co-Founder of Marketing Your Purpose™, along with his wife Robin, an online marketing company focusing on helping coaches, trainers, speakers and entrepreneurs leverage & maximize every ounce of online marketing through funnels, automation & conversion techniques so they can actually ENJOY FREEDOM (which is why they became entrepreneurs in the first place). Mike is a speaker, coach and creator of the Marketing Game-Changer Program. Mike’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to build radically successful businesses in creative, techy ways – so they can make a major impact while increasing their profitability in a major way. Mike has been featured in Space Coast Business Magazine, Advantages Magazine, ResourceCEO, YFS Entrepreneur Magazine, CEO Nation and several other online publications.

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In this episode you will learn…

  • The Effects Of A Systemic Victim Mentality
  • Mike’s Biggest Realization & Decision Inside The Prison Gates
  • Overcoming Challenges When You’re Living In An Environment That’s Designed To Make You Fail
  • What Life Held When Mike Walked Out Of Prison
  • The #1 Most Important Thing: Know Your ‘Why’
  • Mike’s Way Of Helping Inmates Through His New Book

Resources Mentioned in the Episode…


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