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Greg Smith of Thinkific on Selling Online Courses To Build Your Brand & Revenue

Greg Smith is the founder and CEO of Thinkific, a software platform that makes it easy to create, market and sell online courses.

Greg was working as a corporate lawyer for one of the largest law firms in the country when he launched an online course as a side project.

Revenues from his course soon surpassed his salary as a lawyer, and Greg jumped into online education full time.

Since then, Greg and his team at Thinkific have helped thousands of coaches, authors, speakers, and companies create and sell their own online courses as a way to build their brands and their revenues.

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In this episode you will learn…

  • Thinkific: What It Is & How It Came To Be
  • Helping People Learn Rather Than Just Selling A Course
  • Hobby To Business – Project: Mondays At 9
  • Using Online Courses To Grow Your Business & Brand
  • What It Is Like When Your Side Project Is Replacing Your Full Time Gig
  • What Was Greg’s Impetus To Jump Into Education Full-Time
  • Keeping Ahead Of Your Competition By Thinking Far Ahead
  • What Entrepreneurs Get Stuck On A Lot Of Times & Leads To Business Demise

Resources Mentioned in the Episode…


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