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Apryl Beverly on Why It’s So Important To Keep Your Customers Happy

Apryl Beverly, the “Million-Dollar Word Stylist” and founder of BAAB Writing and Marketing Services crafts copy that has generated millions in revenue for solo entrepreneurs and some of the top brands in the U.S.

Known for her educated, “tell-it-like-it-is” writing style, she recently hit the Amazon Top 5 Best Seller’s List in 3 categories just 24 hours after releasing her first book, “Shots Fired! How to Write Copy that Pierces Hearts (And Opens Wallets).”

In addition to being a sentence slinger, Apryl is a mom to the most amazing kid in the universe and is married to the masterful “money man.”

Learn more about Apryl at Baab.biz

In this episode you will learn…

  • The Importance Of Keeping Your Customers Happy & Satisfied
  • How Did Apryl Become A Copywriter
  • What Made Apryl Decide To Shift From Office Job To Entrepreneurship
  • A Smart Move In Getting Paying Clients When You’re Just Starting Out
  • How To Effectively Balance Tasks & Properly Manage Your Time When You’re In Business
  • How To Find The Right People When Outsourcing
  • Top Questions To Ask A Potential Contractor During An Interview
  • Apryl’s Best Self-Care Strategy

Resources Mentioned in the Episode…


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