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Stephanie Mulac on Not Putting Your Life & Your Future In Somebody Else’s Hands

Stephanie Mulac is truly living the life of her dreams!
As an Intuitive Life and Marketing Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker, she and her two daughters have traveled the U.S. full-time for over 8 years in a luxury RV – a home on wheels! Her travels have taken her to 45 states, cruises to foreign ports and the opportunity to impact thousands of lives along the
way as she teaches heart centered entrepreneurs to carve out the lifestyle of their dreams as well.

She is an expert online marketer, having built a targeted list  of 50K + and teaches others to do the same by leveraging their strengths and teaching them to profit from their purpose.

Stephanie shares a very inspiring story of how she came to realize to never put her life and her future in an employer's hands. You are truly living your purpose if you are doing what you really want to do rather than what you fell into doing because of necessity or design. She also explains that there's nothing you can't do once you set your mind to doing it as she talks about how her children managed to become the youngest pairs to have ever pulled off a 7-day fire sale successfully!

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