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Kerrianne Cartmer- Edwards of Kickass Impact on Positioning Yourself for A-list Success


Kerrianne teaches entrepreneurs how to have a unique signature style and message in their niche. She brings a fresh perspective to branding that breaks with convention and gets clients to stand out, be daring, and be audacious. She helps clients give themselves permission to get past the fear of putting themselves out there and standing out.


Kerrianne explained how important it is to understand what your message is and how you present it and put it out consistently into the world.  She also discussed when to take down old content that is no longer on brand.  Kerrianne says we all should Google ourselves and see what comes up on the first few pages of Google, and attempt to remove anything that would be confusing for clients.


When it comes to branding, Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards urges us to abandon the ordinary. She wants you to stand OUT from the crowd, consistently attracting fabulous clients and JV partners, and confidently inspiring the right people to say ‘Yes!’ to working with you.


She seeks to serve and support her private clients find their kick ass brand, as she takes entrepreneurs around the world on 6 day intensive retreats to  figure out their message, brand and style.


Grab a branding checklist as a free gift and learn more about Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards of Kickass Impact at http://kickassimpact.com/

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