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How to Authentically Attract Your 5-Star Clients with Jeanna Gabellini of Master Peace Coaching

Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach, Law of Attraction expert, and Chief Rabble Rouser of Master Peace Coaching.

After 20+ years of liberating business owners from the curse of “not enough” and the myth of “hard work pays off,” Jeanna knows without question you can make massive amounts of money and impact millions (even if you’ve been struggling for years) if you’re willing to flip the switch in your thinking, chuck the old-school rules in the toilet, and stay true to what lights you up and turns you on.


The Non-Gimmicky Way to Attract 5-Star Clients  


In this episode I chat with Jeanna Gabellini, Master Business Coach and Law of Attraction expert, on how to effortlessly attract your ideal “5-Star Clients” by simply speaking their language and being yourself.

Jeanna knows that finding 5-star clients, people who are your dream clients, isn’t as complicated, difficult, or scary as we often make it out to be.

She shares why it’s not the specific words we say that will attract the right people, but rather the energy and intent behind our message, and that when we’re speaking our ideal client’s language, we’ll never actually have to sell anything. She tells me, “We don’t often believe we can go for our most ideal, perfect client because we think not enough of them exist or they won’t pay our prices . . . But five-star clients will always find the money. . . They will always resonate with what you’re saying. They get you.”

If you’re ready to attract your 5-Star Client, join for me for this Masterclass with Jeanna and learn how to craft a “Love Letter” that speaks directly to your dream clients, strategies to filter out those who are not the right fit for you, what to do when you doubt the value of your offer, how to stop the inner “psycho-babble” that repels your ideal clients, how to tap into your “inner business expert” for more ease and flow in your business and much, much more.

In This Episode You Will Learn
  • How to Create a “Love Letter” That Perfectly Speaks Your Ideal Clients Language
  • Why When You’re Speaking to Your Ideal Client, You Never Have to Sell
  • Strategies to Filter Out People Who Are Not the Right Fit
  • Why It’s Not the Marketing Words You Have to Get Just Right - It’s Your Energy
  • The Inner “Psycho-Babble” That Repels Clients and How to Avoid It
  • 2 Questions to Ask Yourself That Eliminate Self-Doubt Before You Get on a Discovery Call
  • Why When You’re Crystal Clear on Who You Want to Serve, They Come to You
  • How to Support People Even If They’re Not Your Ideal Client (And Why You Should)

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