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Carrie Roldan on Run Yourself Happy and Make Money From It

It takes so much time when you’re a coach trying to find your niche because you need to figure out a lot of things before you can identify your avatar client. Carrie Roldan struggled with this part too, until she stopped figuring everything out and just focused on helping people grow their business. Her bestselling book about releasing anxiety and making miracles happen, “Run Yourself Happy” shows how she has designed her business around who she is as the business BFF who gets to enjoy her life and make money from it. She shares her insights about freebie seekers and how she has become a people builder who works her magic on things other people can’t put their finger on.


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Carrie Roldan On Run Yourself Happy And Make Money From It

I'm super excited to have my friend, Carrie Roldan, here. We have been hanging out and chatting and just having a grand old time and then overcoming some technical difficulties and finally we are here to talk with you. Hi, Carrie.

Nicole, I'm so glad to be here.

I was asking you about what is Biz BFF because you are just a phenomenal person and as I read in your bio, you just light up the room and you have all this amazing energy. What I love is that you have designed your business around who you are. You get to show up and enjoy your life and make money from it, which I always find so fun, when you talk about. How did you come up with the idea of being a Business BFF rather than being a coach or being a consultant? How did you come up with your title and the realization of what it is that you do that impacts the world in a great way?

The answer is complicated because I probably started as a Business BFF. I started like, " I just want to help people. I just want to give good advice." I wanted to be a coach in some capacity and I got in this space of the online coaching realm where they teach you, you got a niche down and you've got to be an expert on one particular thing and even in that one particular thing, then niche even further. I went through all of that. I was floundering for a long time. Probably what started me becoming a Business BFF is in figuring out what the hell I do, I started a show. This was back in the olden days before there was even Facebook Live, podcasting was brand new. There were Google Hangouts on air. I had a Google Hangout on Air show where I would interview people. My only goal was to be of service to them and to help them out, but in talking to them often, I was helpful. I'm real and genuine and I have no stomach for bullshit. I just won't stand forward and I'm going to tell the truth. I started telling the truth to people and being helpful and they were like, "This is amazing. I have a copywriting coach and a marketing coach and blah, blah, blah coach and you have helped me more in the past hour than they've helped me in the past $30,000.” I was like, "That's great to know."

It still took me a really long time, and I had to get to the moment in my business where I was working way too hard. This isn't even fun anymore. I just want to get paid to talk to people. Honestly, I had called myself a Business BFF a few years back. I had said this is what I really want to be and all of the advice was “People won't pay you for that, don't do it.” It took me a long time to be like, "This is who I am. This is how I can be of the most service to people. This is what everyone needs.” People are investing so much money in so much help. All they really need is someone to love them and care about them and care about the whole person and the business. I have quite a few intuitive gifts to be able to see into their business and see into themselves and be like, "I see that you're doing that, but that's not what you really want," to tell them the truth. How I became the Business BFF is I stopped trying to figure anything else out. It's been going well.

Let's talk about that journey a little bit because I can relate in some ways and a lot of our audience can where they come in and they're so excited about, "I want to do this." Especially people who are heart-centered or value-driven, a lot of times people go, "I know I want to do something big. I don't know how and I don't know what that looks like, but I know that's what I'm here for." Then they start taking the courses and listening to the marketing. I went through this, I was so excited. Then I was very aware that I didn't know the tactical side of things and so I started investing poorly, although, I believe everything is always a good investment. At the end of the day, I learned so much about what I didn't want and that's really helped me get to what I do want. You've been in the space for a long time and you have tried different things and you've partnered with different people. What was it like when you came in as Business BFF and it was like, "This is what I want to do and this is how it is going to be so fun." Then you started implementing things other people were telling you that would be best for you. At what point did you just say, "Enough of this garbage and I'm doing it my way?"

How far back do you want me to go?

As far back as you feel would be interesting and of value to the audience. The thing is we're all business owners. Something we were talking about is that we all have the same fears and experiences. We're all human and people forget that. Especially in the marketing space, people look at, "This person is saying this and so they have accomplished this,” but they're not letting you know what's going on behind closed doors. I think there're a lot of struggles that my listeners face that my guests also faced but people don't want to talk about it.

BBR 255 | Run Yourself Happy

Run Yourself Happy: There's something powerful about being in the guest seat, which is suddenly you're an expert.

There's something powerful about being in the guest seat, which is suddenly you're an expert. Suddenly, you've made it. I'm going to call BS on that. I'm still making it. I'm further along than I was when I started. My background is I was a high school teacher and cross-country and track coach. Being in that capacity, I started to learn what my gifts were. I coached with my husband. He wasn't my husband yet, but that was a whole different challenge. The reason I'm bringing that up is because we had to learn what parts of the coaching he was good at and that he was going to start to take ownership of and what parts I was going to take ownership of. I learned with these young athletes that I was coaching that it was my job to help them run fast. I recognized, "How many kids are out here on the team? How many are going to run in college? How many are going to go to the Olympics? What's my real job with these hundreds of kids every year? What's my real job with them?" I realized I'm a people builder. My job was to help them to grow into the leaders they could be, to help them use running and athletics to reveal their character.

My gifts in that coaching realm with my husband were all the intangibles. He was really good at the nuts and bolts. With track, it's all about time. If you could put it on a spreadsheet and if you could do the math, he was all about that. I was about the stuff that nobody could put their finger on, but somehow I brought the magic. That's where I started and I did that until my third child was born and then I realized my kids are going to want me at their athletic things, not at somebody else's. I came to the life coaching space. I found life coaching because I felt lost. I had my third kid. I was at home. I've been a runner for so long. I wasn't even sure where I was going with that. I participated in somebody else's life coaching group and I'm like, "This is what I've been doing." I saw her job and I'm like, "I can do this. This is what I've been doing with my athletes for all these years." Then you get online, you look on how to do this, and I got certified and I was like, "How do I market?" I was really disappointed by the way that my life coaching certification taught zero about marketing. They're like, "You can charge $30 an hour." I was like, "Awesome."

I didn't start out knowing that I was going to do my business mostly online, but all of the sudden I'm like, "I have three kids. When am I going to have time to meet with people? I am going to bring them into my house and be nursing this baby. That's not going to work." I found an online space around that time and, same as you, started investing and learning some stuff. I learned a ton but I don't want to say I got involved with the wrong people. I can look back and say, "Those are not my people," but they were the right people at the time. What we need to learn, all of us on our business journey, and what I help people do so well is what feels right. If it doesn't feel right, you don't have to do it. That took me a long time to be able to trust myself. I had great mentors on the journey too.

What comes up for me as you're saying that is in my life, I was working with somebody who is not a right fit for me, but it took a while for me to figure out they weren't a right fit for me. At the beginning I thought, "This is totally the right fit for me," then I realized they're not. I didn't feel like, "I made a bad investment." No, because I never would have realized that they weren't the right fit for me if I hadn't gone through it. I had that recently with a client who I had worked with for quite some doing coaching and I love her oodles. She has grown leaps and bounds since we started working together, but sometimes you outgrow your coach or sometimes a coach outgrows you. There's nothing wrong with that. It's being able to honor and appreciate that time that you did. We most recently had a six-month agreement for a program and when it came to the end, I don't know if it was because she didn't want it to end or I don't know what it was, but she started acting differently, forgetting all of the winds and all this stuff. It was almost like how people behave when it's time to break up. It was weird. I had to put it back and say, "I'm not going to take this personally. It's not about me. It's about her journey and where she's at and I absolutely want the best for her and will always care and that's the end of a chapter."

Coming to realize that has been really powerful for me and I wouldn't know if you would speak about that as well because in looking at the people I've hired along the way, maybe earlier on I would be pissed off because I'm like, "I wasted money.”Then I would say, "Hold up, Nicole. Did I really waste money? No." I invested money, time, energy, blood, sweat, tears. Even though I'm not moving forward with this thing that I created or with what I had been spending time on or at the website or whatever, I can't be resentful for that because it has gotten me to this next place. So often the things I do never really see the light of day. I've really enjoyed that. I've enjoyed the journey more. I have heard from so many entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, "I invested all this money in the website so I'm going to make it work now even though it's totally wrong.” It totally doesn't encompass who they are, they're struggling to get clients because they're doing the wrong thing for them, but they're committed to seeing it through because they paid money for it. It's something that I have a hard time understanding because it's not how I do things. As Biz BFF, do you see that very frequently where people stick with something because they committed to it and way beyond when it's beneficial to them?

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Yeah. That's usually the point that people come to me. They have invested and invested and invested and I would say they're sticking with it because they don't know that they can do it differently. They're sticking with it because, “It's supposed to work and I've spent $10,000 on this program or whatever.” Perhaps it's because I'm no longer pretending to be an expert at one thing or another, my expertise is perspective. People come all the time and people stick with things because they don't want to be quitters and because they know that it "should work" and they often think that there's something wrong with them, like why can't they just figure it out? Sometimes there's just a block. There's a good reason why they can't figure it out. Again, what you need to figure something out, you need a fresh dose of perspective. That's super common. I want to talk to what you said earlier about you invested in things. I invested early on in my business in things that I couldn't afford. I invested out of desperation. I believed the marketing and I hope that less people are marketing this way. If they are, they're certainly not in my sphere, but five years ago or seven years ago, people were marketing in a way that was like, "If this doesn't work for you, it's because you didn't do it right."

Let’s talk about that kind of marketing. There's a piece of us that gets excited and inspired by that because I'm going to be on every call. I'm going to show up. I'm going to do all the work. I'm going to get the results because they say, "If I just do all this work, I'm going to get the results." What they're missing is the you behind the work. It's one thing to fill in the blanks, it's the whole another thing to know who you really are at your core, what you stand for, and what you're about. This is going into a different conversation about recognizing that as business owners, we're all leaders. A lot of people want to start a business and they don't see themselves as a leader, but I digress. I was there. I did all the work, I showed up. I've been a teacher's pet my whole life. I'm somebody who's really good at school who doesn't have to try very hard and a lot of people just hated me and I'm sorry. I'm super smart but I'm not the smartest kid there. I'm good at school. Probably because I'm so intuitive, I can pick the right answers on a test. I can write the essay that the teacher is going to like and I don't have to read the book. The reason I'm telling you that is I figured out a way to work the system of school. You show up, you raise your hand, the teacher likes you and then you're successful.

I was doing that in my business and I was getting all the "teachers" to like me, but I wasn't successful. Because my business it turns out relies on not me “doing everything right,” following a blueprint system or formula. Those are words that make me want to gag in business and marketing because I followed your effing blueprint. I either got to a point where I couldn't go any further because I didn't know the answers yet, or I followed your effing blueprint and nothing happened. I was resentful to get back to the beginning. I was pissed that I had invested thousands of dollars. I once invested with a coach. I said, "I don't have the money," and she said, "What if you give me this amount of money now and then we'll work together and you'll make more money?" I understood that meaning, I don't have to pay her the rest until I make that much money until I get the result. After I worked with her for a month, she was like, "You owe me the rest." I was like, "There's no results here." I understand it wasn't her fault. When I work with people, I very much say, "I make no guarantees. Miracles are going to happen for sure, but neither you nor I know what they are yet."

BBR 255 | Run Yourself Happy

Run Yourself Happy: Miracles are going to happen for sure but neither you nor I know what they are yet.

That's where I was in the beginning and how I grew up in this industry and what caused me. I have done so many things, Nicole. When I started, they said, "Find a niche." I'm like, "I'm going to be the brand yourself happy person," because I'm a cheerleader and a coach at heart. You can be happy and running is amazing and it's a huge tool in my own personal life and business. I wrote a book on that and then I got tired of it. There have been so many evolutions of me, and now, I'm at a place where all of that is valuable. It's hugely valuable to have written and publish a book. It's hugely valuable to have launched programs. All of my experience is of value but now I'm okay. I'm totally okay with owning that I'm me and that there is inherent value in me, in having a conversation with me. When people say, "Can I pick your brain?" People used to pick my brain for free. Then I realized this is a lot more than brain picking, and now we're doing energy work and we're doing some stuff here. People pay for this stuff and why wouldn't they pay me?

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That's such a great point and I am definitely one of those people who get lit up to help people and for years, I would let people pick my brain. I don't know if you've ever felt like this, but even though I'd be all lit up during the time, afterwards I'd be totally be out of energy. It's been a transition. It's been challenging, but now I have people emailing me or messaging me and I respond because that's who I am. Then they'll continue and finally I'm like, "This is something that you can post in the group. I have a free Facebook group." That's the place. If you're not a client and you're not paying me, then I have lots of opportunities for free. For example, my free Facebook group, which is BusinessBuildingRockstars.com, all you have to do is answer three questions and be a right fit and boom, you're in. You can collaborate and connect with me and with others in that group. I've got the Listeners Lounge, so that's free content. If you're watching this in the Listeners Lounge and you want to communicate with me and Carrie, you can enter a comment below the video and we can respond to that.

I had this the other day and it's somebody I like, but she's not a customer, she's not a client. She's somebody I was starting to build a relationship with, but then I realized like, "This is a one-way street." She would pick my brain a lot and she would say, "I did this and I have this coach who told me this. Can you look this over? Can you do this?" It's like, "Okay." Then I would realize she kept coming to me for my coaching, but she wasn't paying me. She was paying other people. I had an email from her the other day and I said, "Congratulations on that. I really don't have time to get on that." That's weird too. I don't know if you ever get this, but I get a lot of people who I start in relationship with and then they'll message me. I do this too sometimes. I’ll message people that go, "Have you got five minutes?" but those are people who it's a two-way reciprocal relationship. Whereas, I'll have people out of the blue be like, "You got a few minutes for a call?” or they'll call me and I'll miss it, and then I'm like, "I don't. What's up? Messaged me." Then they're like, "I just want to talk to you." I'm like, "What about?"

It's been an ongoing challenge and identifying the people who recharge me. There are people, including you who I know that I can call on and be like, "I've got this dilemma. Can I get your advice on this?" I feel like they're happy to help me. There are people who call me and I'm happy to help them. Then there're also people who, and now I'm getting away from the customer part, but even in the relationships with colleagues or people who could be customers, but they're not going to be customers as long as you let them pick your brain.

I'm the same. What I will say about, "Do I get people who want to pick my brains still?" Absolutely. That's part of being a BFF. I was telling you, Nicole, before we knew each other very well, "I have this problem. I fall in love with everybody." The truth about me is it's so easy for me to be super judgmental when you're not in the room, when I'm not looking you in the eye, when you're just somebody out there. I can be a bitch and it's something I have to recognize in myself. Gabby Bernstein has a book called Judgment Detox, I'm ready to read that. I can be judgmental. It's easy for me to make snap decisions. Also this is something that speaks to that intuitive nature in myself. I've just known things my whole life. I've had knowings about things. There's a really tangible example. I think people will like this story. I was probably sixteen and I was on a run and I was coming back, I was 800 meters from the end of my run. I saw this dude standing by the side of the road where I was. He was standing between two parked cars and I instantly knew to be afraid of this person. Yet, I heard my mother's voice in my head. My mom sounds like Marge Simpson, so she was like, " Carrie, don't judge." I was like, "Okay," so I kept running towards this guy. Luckily, he wasn't going to attack me, but he was naked from the waist down. He flashed me, which was super traumatizing and I was freaked out. I had knowings. That was the first tangible trust-your-intuition, kid. There was probably more before that. Sometimes my judgment is because I have an intuitive knowing. There's this battle in my head.

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Once I speak with someone, I'm going to fall in love with them. Part of being highly intuitive is seeing into people and seeing their hearts and seeing what they're really about. Most people are good. Most people are amazing. Most people are in some sort of a struggle, but there's this huge piece of compassion. About the freebie-seekers, nobody is seeking freebies. They're not trying to drain you. They value your opinion, and until you value yourself, which took me a long time, and I don't know how many different people I've heard say this to me, but it still took me getting to an energetic space. I worked with people who helped me get to that energetic space. It was two things. What you're saying about when people are calling you asking for free advice and they're paying somebody else a shit ton of money to give them bad advice, that's frustrating. I started to claim. I think enough people started to say, "Working with you is really valuable. This is really good." I still am at a place where, "What do I call what I do?" Business BFF, is that a thing? I'm going to claim it. I've called it teammate on the journey coaching. I've called it life coaching for entrepreneurs. I've called it all sorts of things, but ultimately the right people, they show up because they're like, "There's something about you, kid." They're like, "You helped me." With the freebie seekers, I still do free consults. I'm evaluating that regularly, like, "Do I need to start charging for that and what do I charge?" I still do. I'll have a free consultation with anybody who can find the time in my calendar, which is getting harder and harder to find. Usually the people who come to those conversations, the reason they're there is because they're like, "What is it like to work with you? I know you're my person."

It's still to my advantage. What I do a lot of that I'm just now recognizing is, "I need to charge for this. I needed to create a package around this." It's so fun for me. It's so easy for me and it's so valuable to the person on the other end is people will be like, "Can you look at my website? Can you look at this copy?" I wind up making them a video because it's easier for me and I go through it and they're like, "Holy crap." I'll finish that thing, going, "I helped them make a lot of money." It's just stepping into your power. It's more and more. You probably need a little practice of feeling drained and depleted by people before you're ready to stand up for yourself and say, "I can totally do that for you and here's what it costs." Most people are happy to pay it. The thing is we get afraid, like, "I don't want to ask. I've been in a relationship with this person," but you and I were talking before and I was like, "I'm putting my stuff together to work with you." We're friends, I can ask you stuff, but at a certain point, if I need a lot of your time, I understand. I'm sure you're happy to spend five minutes on something, but if I need a favor, that's not who I want to be to you. There's a professional understanding.

That's important too. We talked about building relationships at a higher level with colleagues and people that you really respect and can collaborate with. It is that, “Where's the line? I don't want to cross the line.”Sometimes I'm guilty of not asking for help. I'm great at giving support but not great at asking for support as a favor. I always see it as a favor and I have to constantly be told by people who actually value me and actually love me and actually want to support me and be my friend, a legit friend that “You're not asking for a favor. This is where we're at.” We all have our history and our stories and whatever, but that's how I grew up where I didn't have friends who just did because they wanted to. I didn't have a family that just did because they could. I have done that. When I took on foster kids, I loved buying presents. I've always loved doing things to make other people feel good, so a recovering people pleaser and not having had that experience myself throughout my life now as an adult and as in a position of leadership and meeting other amazing leaders, I regress. I go back to that feeling of, "I owe them something. I can't ask for something just because." There was all that weird dynamic too.

BBR 255 | Run Yourself Happy

Run Yourself Happy: If the person you want to become asks for what she wants and gets it, then we've got to start behaving like that.

That's common. That is probably specific to women as well. As a society, we're awakening and evolving in this moment. We can all cut ourselves some slack. Speaking of being a leader, one of the things that I'm constantly saying is behave like the person that you want to become. It's so easy for me to say that to a client, and sometimes, it's a harder to look at myself and be like, "Am I behaving like that person that I want to become?" If the person you want to become asks for what she wants and gets it, then we got to start behaving like that girl.

We could go on for a really long time and I love you. I want people to know you, to experience you. How can people take the next step? If they want to continue the conversation with you, if they want to get into the Carrie Roldan world, what's the best way to do that?

If you want to get into my world, the easiest way is to get on my email list and the coolest way to get on my email list is I have this awesome meditation/visualization. What it is is a conversation with your future self. It's your future self who's done all this stuff that you want to do and it's so rad and it's so powerful. I want you to get that. You can get that at CarrieRoldan.com/FutureSelf. Also you can find me on Facebook @CarrieRoldan/BusinessBFF. You can find me on YouTube.I'll have my Carrie Roldan Show Podcast. I'm around. I'm available. For real, if you are somebody who listened to this conversation and went, "I'm your people, Carrie.” You can email me at Carrie@CarrieRoldan.com.

This is a project that I decided to do because my community, the people who are listening and are engaging, I want to give you more value. The way my schedule is I'm recording months in advance. I don't want to make you wait for the good stuff. If you want to get access to these amazing interviews that we're doing, whenever you want on demand, it's totally free and you can go to BBRShow.com.

The experience when you told me this was like, "I was not expecting that." We're on a call and all of a sudden Carrie is like, "I didn't like you." I'm like, "Okay." Then she explained and so I'm like, "Interesting." I love that she actually will say that. I know there've been times in my life where I've had the wrong vibe about somebody. I'm usually good, but not always and sometimes people surprise me. Do you want to talk about one, why didn't you like me? Two, what inspired you to tell me that you didn't like me? Three, what changed your mind because I think you like me now?

I love you. It's not that I didn't like you. What I said was, "I didn't want to know you." Everybody kept telling me like, "You need to connect with Nicole Holland. Do you know Nicole Holland?" I'm sure there was an aspect of jealousy. At the time I'm thinking maybe it was your Business Building Rockstars Summit or something but everybody was like, "You need to talk to this lady,” and there's a part of me that's like, "I want to be the person that everybody needs to talk to." I'm sure there was a little bit of that, but that was not conscious. That's what I was telling you initially. I need to listen to that resistance when the universe like so many people were, "Nicole Holland is great. You should connect with her. She's your people. She's perfect for you." I was like, " I'm not going to. I don't want to. I don't want to look at her." The reason I didn't want to look at you was because you're amazing and I was going to fall in love with you. Maybe I was feeling inferior or who knows where I was? It was a couple years ago. There was a feeling of resentment and that resentment is probably because people were saying, "You’ve got to follow Nicole. You’ve got to do what Nicole's doing,” and there was a little bit of childish foot-stomping like, "No."

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Also let's just be real, it was the introduction to each other was in a group that wasn't right for either of us. There were a lot of people who weren't the right kind of people saying, “You need to look at Nicole.” I was like, "No. I'm not going to." It wasn't until much later when the right kind of person, the thing that put you back on my radar is a mutual friend invited us both to a dinner, and instantly I lit up inside and I didn't know anything more about you. There was nothing more but now I was like, "I've got to know her." Then I started following you. That's what happens when you open yourself up and because you are so very real. We had most of our interactions on Facebook. I opened myself up to you, fell in love with you as most people do and did what I do, which is I got on your team. I'm like Nicole, "Go, Nicole." I constantly was excited for you. Genuinely excited, not like some people out there saying stuff, comment on people's stuff and congratulate, like be a good friend as a strategy. I can't do that. I can't be a good friend as a strategy. I decided that I was going to love you and that you're amazing. I saw that we were closer on the same page than I thought and was like “I have to be her friend,” and luckily for me, you had the same feeling.

We create our own reality of course, and anybody that understands the Law of Attraction. As Esther Hicks or Abraham says, “You can't buck somebody else's current, it's too strong.” I don't remember having an opinion about you at the beginning, but I did see you. At first in that group or whatever, I was like, "She seemed so nice and energetic and happy and that’s awesome. That's my people." Then I saw you were on the team of working with these people who I was realizing we're so not a right fit for me. Then I was like, "Maybe I misread her. Maybe I really don't need to know her." I knew you existed, but I didn't think any more about you. My initial reaction was that I wanted to. I was like, "This person's awesome," and then it was like, "Maybe not. Maybe I need to not worry about knowing everybody." When we were both invited to that dinner, I was super excited to see you on the list. I was like, "This will be great to get to know this person." I told the person who invited us, I was like, "I don't think I can get there," because I was flying from Ontario and it was such a short trip and I would've had to come in the day before. I wound up at the end just saying, "I didn't have the bandwidth," and so I decided not to come in the night before for the dinner. You said something to me like you were bummed that we didn't get to meet there and I was like, "Shoot," and that started our dialogue and it's been a wild ride since.

Don't you think that's amazing? That's the universe. The universe put us both in that group that neither of us was meant to be in, but maybe we were meant to be there. You are one of many people who I met in that group who I'm so glad that I met. Without naming names, I worked inside the coaching industry for a company that I wasn't 100% aligned with. That's part of all of our journey. It's like, "I did that because I wanted to make a change. I wanted to be of service. I wanted it to be more of what I saw that it could be and should be." When that ended, it ended beautifully and perfectly but it wasn't until after that weird energy ended that you and I were able to find each other and be in nice energy.

If anybody in our audience wants to continue the conversation, once again, the best place to go is?

You can go CarrieRoldan.com/FutureSelf and then you'll get the future self-visualization and you'll get yourself on my email list.

If you're interested in connecting with Carrie, go ahead and do that. I'm connecting with Carrie. I love Carrie and there may be some cool collaborations coming from us in the next year or so. Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled and until next time, this is Nicole Holland.


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BBR 255 | Run Yourself HappyYou know those people who light up a room with their presence? Well, Carrie Roldan is one of them! John Maxwell says that there are two types of people in the world: the lifters (those who uplift others), and the leaners (those who bring people down).And Carrie is 100% Lifter. She is a beautiful, expanded, Divine being who can’t help but encourage,inspire,and uplift. Carrie offers intuitive guidance for entrepreneurs, and also host her very own show, where she has conversations that MATTER to the entrepreneurs body, mind, and business.

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