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Dramatically Increase Customer Feedback Using Gamification with Baptiste Debever of Feedier

Dramatically Increase Customer Feedback Using Gamification with Baptiste Debever of Feedier on The Nicole Holland Show #podcast

Baptiste DebeverBaptiste Debever is a French Entrepreneur, and is the co-founder and Head of Growth at Feedier.  He's hails from the North of France, is passionate about all things innovation, and has a background as a Software Engineer.

In this episode I talk with up and comer, Baptiste Debever, software engineer, growth marketer, and developer of the new innovative online tool Feedier, which helps business owners better leverage the power of surveys to gain important customer feedback by using a fun gamification system.

When Baptiste and his partner couldn’t find easy and effective ways to better understand their customers wants and needs, they set out to create a user-friendly product that makes customer feedback accessible, organic and just plain fun. As tells me, “We needed a way to get more reviews, improve the product and get more social proof. We couldn’t find it . . . so here we are.”

If you need a better way to get more customer feedback, join us as we take a behind the scenes look at Feedier and talk about why gamification is a superior strategy to the typical dry customer surveys most businesses use, how to dramatically increase your customer response rate so you can give them more of what they want, how to create a better customer experience on your website, why segmenting your customer list is a must, and more.

In This Episode You Will Learn
  • Behind the Scenes of an Innovative New Customer Engagement Tool
  • Creating a Superior (And Fun!) Customer Experience on Your Website
  • How to Explode Your Business With Better Customer Engagement
  • Why Using Gamification Works So Well to Get Customer Feedback  
  • How to Dramatically Increase Your Customer Response Rate
  • The Best Way to Seamlessly Integrate Surveys on Your Site
  • Why You Must Segment Your Customer List to Better Understand What They Want
  • Ways to Use Rewards to Grow Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
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