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Why Being Honest & Direct Will Get You More Sales with Tom Poland of Marketing The Invisible & Leadsology

Why Being Honest & Direct Will Get You More Sales with Tom Polland of Marketing The Invisible & Leadsology on The Nicole Holland Show #podcast

In this episode, I talk with best-selling author of the Leadsology® series, Tom Polland, who has sold numerous businesses with multimillion dollar revenues, about a simple, direct marketing technique for “invisible” service based businesses that will generate a weekly flow of new client leads, all without cold calling, paid advertising, or complicated email funnels.

Tom has developed a no-nonsense, clear and transparent marketing model that will attract your ideal clients without the need for bait and switch tactics or scarcity techniques. In fact, he doesn’t believe in any of that. As he tells me, “When you have a good offer and your articulate it correctly, you don’t need to use any of that scarcity BS.”

Instead, Tom shares a direct and honest approach to sales with his Leadsology method of creating simple yet effective online meetings. You’ll also learn how to find an inexhaustible supply of free leads, how to eliminate a client’s fears your service isn’t right for them, why qualifying your leads first will lead to greater conversions, how to use the law of  “psychological reciprocity” and the “Godfather Strategy” to increase your sales and many more valuable marketing tips.

In This Episode You Will Learn
  • The Best Way to Market an Intangible, Invisible Service
  • How to Find an Inexhaustible Supply of Free Leads
  • Why You Don’t Need Bait & Switch or Scarcity Tactics In Your Marketing
  • How to Get Out of Marketing Paralysis By Keeping It Simple
  • Why Being Direct & Honest Will Get You MORE Sales
  • How to Use Simple Online Meetings to Start a Conversation That Attracts Your Ideal Clients
  • Steps to Eliminating a Client’s Fears That Your Service Isn’t Right for Them
  • Why Qualifying a Potential Client Upfront Leads to Higher Conversions
  • The “Psychological Reciprocity” Technique & “Godfather Strategy” That Can Dramatically Increase Your Sales
Resources Mentioned

Games People Play by Eric Berne

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Tom Polland

Tom is the best-selling author of the Leadsology® series and has started and sold numerous business with multimillion dollar revenues.He tells me that he is voluntarily married to a pretty German Frau who he affectionately refers to as his Little Bavarian Bulldozer.

They live quietly and happily on the sand next to the waves at little Castaways Beach in Queensland, Australia with their Border Collie, Monty the Marketing Wonderdog.