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How Pat Flynn Inspired Michelle McGlade to Start Podcasting

Michelle McGlade is a best-selling author, podcast host and #1 wellness business coach for practitioners who are struggling not only with the business foundations and navigating the basics of online entrepreneurship, but also with reconnecting to their self-worth and regaining their self-confidence.

Her unique skill set combines her corporate backstory of 15 years in sales and marketing, Master’s degree in Business Management, entrepreneurial journey as a Licensed Acupuncturist, Founder of two clinics, and online business maven to produce quick and lasting results for her clients.

She is the biz savvy healer for healers.

Michelle talks about how she made the decision to walk from a 15 year career to pursue her passion.

She shares the hurdles of transitioning from the corporate industry to the world of entrepreneurship.

Michelle speaks about the importance of personal choice in achieving your goal and making the effort to pursue your dreams.  

Learn more about Michelle at http://michellemcglade.com

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