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Kristin Thompson of The Uprising Podcast on Speaking, Serving, & Growing As An Entrepreneur

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Kristin Thompson is a straight-talkin, super rockin, wise-crackin speaker & coach, the Founder of http://www.speakSERVEgrow.com, & Creator of popular programs like Command Any Room, Event Profit Machine, and The Rise Live Event.

Using her own 5-step speak to sell strategy she went from unknown and broke baby-mama with a limping business, to being the “go-to girl” generating multiple six figures working 3 days a week.

Her simple, one-hour talks have generated $10K, $30K even $50K paydays, and her first live event generated multiple Six-Figures. Kristin’s first program, Command Any Room, made waves in the market for its simple, easy to follow approach to showing entrepreneurs how to turn their message into a talk that generates visibility, leads, clients and cash.

Now Kristin shares her simple strategies with you so you can rock your personality, your talk, and your biz into multiple six figures too.

Learn more about Kristin at http://www.speakservegrow.com

Grab her freebies at https://speakingreallyworks.com

Listen to her new podcast at http://uprisingpodcast.com/ 

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