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How to Reset Your Mindset Fast with Erin Pheil of The Mind Fix Group

How to Reset Your Mindset Fast with Erin Pheil or The Mind Fix Group on The Nicole Holland Show podcast

An entrepreneur of 16 years, Erin Pheil is the founder of The MindFix Group and THE to go-to expert for entrepreneurs and high achievers who want to rapidly and permanently eliminate the mental roadblocks holding them back from achieving the success they KNOW they're capable of.

How to reset your mindset with Erin Pheil of Mind Fix

As entrepreneurs going through our busy days, we often run into mindset . . .  stuff  to put it mildly.

Moods, mental roadblocks, frustrations, self-doubt; little hiccups and things that just aren’t supposed to happen.

And we get triggered.

You probably know the feelings: frustration, anger, anxiety, sadness, fear. All things that can easily derail you if you don’t know how to handle these emotions on the spot.

Because the fact remains, we run businesses and we have to keep going. No serious entrepreneur can just go, ‘You know what, I'm just going to call it a day again, I'm done. I just, I can't deal with this. I'm too angry.’ Or at least we can’t if we ever hope to get anywhere with our business.

That’s why the tools Erin Pheil of Mind Fix teaches her clients are so powerful. They’re easy “tricks” to keep in your back pocket for when you get triggered or overrun with an emotion, and need to get back to calm . . . fast. So you can get on with your day and your work without being pulled off course.

The two techniques Erin teaches below are effective, powerful ways to bring yourself back to a more balanced mental state in just 90 seconds or less.

Yes, you read that right.

Intrigued? Read on to learn these techniques for yourself and put them into practice today.


Change Your Mindset in 90 Seconds or Less with Erin Pheil on THE NICOLE HOLLAND SHOW podcast

How to get unstuck with two simple techniques 

Before we begin it’s important to note that Erin will be the first to tell you these techniques are quick fixes. She herself describes them as “bandaid” approaches.

However, that’s what they’re meant to be. These tactics are a simple, yet elegant tool for you to add to your mindset “toolbox” that you can pull out anytime you need to get through negative thoughts and emotions quickly so you can move on and be productive.

If you would like further help and support to get at the root causes of your thoughts and emotions, visit Erin’s website at MindFixGoup.com.

Reset Your Mindset and Get Unstuck with Erin Pheil of Mind Fix on THE NICOLE HOLLAND SHOW podcast

What do you do if you have a mental block? 

What do you do when you’re triggered and come up against a mental block? If you’re like most people you ruminate. You become obsessed with the issue in your mind and begin telling yourself a “story.”

  • “This always happens to me!”
  • “I can’t believe they did that . . .”
  • “Nothing I do ever works. Like that time I . . .”

What accompanies these negative thoughts are in turn negative emotions. As Erin explains, our emotions are simply chemical reactions.

When we experience an emotion, there's a release of neuro chemicals that happens in our brain and they flood into our our system. But what's interesting is if we don't feed the story, the chemicals will stop and the emotion will literally die.

Dry up, dissolve and go away.

The only thing that keeps these neuro chemicals pumping out, that is, what is actually causing us to feel the emotion, is our continuing to tell the story.

It's almost like a little fire in our minds that we keep feeding oxygen with our story. But if we can go for 90 seconds without repeating that story, then the chemicals will stop pumping, and the “fire” will burn out. We’ll literally not experience the emotions that are practically taking over our lives and stopping our day.

Mindset reset technique number one 

So how do we do this? Erin calls this first technique “The 90 Second and It’s Gone Tactic.”

Here’s how it works:

  • First, notice you’re telling a story and note what emotions you’re feeling. Put a name to them and acknowledge them.
  • Next, bring your focus to something else nearby: a tree out the window, a picture of something pleasant; anything but your story.
  • For the next 90 seconds (put on a timer) do not allow yourself to run through your story and the negative thoughts in your mind. Fully focus on something else.

That’s it! Simple yet profoundly powerful for the clients Erin has worked with.

Most people need a full ninety seconds for the  emotion to completely go away. Ninety seconds is the cap of the chemical equation, it’s how long the chemical will keep being released.

In other words, you need ninety seconds of no story in order for your brain to go, ‘Oh, you know what? I'm not going to release these chemicals anymore.’

Once your chemicals have stopped you're back to neutral. You don't need to do anything else and you can go back to work.

Mindset reset technique number two

The second technique goes a bit deeper and is for those who need something more powerful in order to distract and stop their negative thought processes. It’s often used with people who have severe anxiety or panic attacks.

Erin describes it as, “Really basic and really kind of boring,” but it works because all it does is harnesses your attention and point it onto something else.

If you struggle with meditation and get distracted back to your negative thoughts easily, this technique keeps you from mentally rehearsing your story in a very focused way.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Sit in your chair and focus on any object in the room. Put the object in front of you or just look at it.
  • Name your emotion and rate it’s emotional intensity from 1-10 (10 being maximum intensity).
  • For the next 60 seconds (pull up a timer), sit and describe outloud whatever object you've chosen using whatever descriptive words come to mind: color, shape, size, location, details, etc.
  • When your 60 seconds is up, rate your your emotion again.
  • If the emotional intensity still hasn’t lowered enough, do the process again as many times as you need.

The reason this works is that your brain cannot focus visually and verbally on something like this and tell a story in the background.

This will pull you away from your story for 60 seconds. You'll find that is it's literally impossible to tell a story.

Some people, depending on how intense their emotions are, might need to do it six or seven times, for others once or twice will be enough. It just depends on the intensity of the experience and the strength of the story you were telling yourself.

Boring though it may be, it’s still a beautiful, elegant way to literally stop the story from being told in your head, allowing you to reset your mindset and come back to a place where you feel ready to go on with your day.

It can be done by yourself. It can be done with someone else. It can be done with children. There's only two steps -- we can all do this!

Reset Your Mindset and Get Unstuck with Erin Pheil of Mind Fix on THE NICOLE HOLLAND SHOW podcast

So do I just keep doing these techniques forever? 

Despite how easy these techniques are, some people feel doing them over and over again are a hassle. But as Erin explains, when it comes to negative thoughts and emotions you have one of three choices:

  • Not deal with it and allow it derail your productivity and flow.
  • Work through it fast using these techniques and be on your way quickly and easily.
  • Do the deeper inner work to get at the root cause so the mental block doesn’t keep coming up.

A “hassle” though it may be, the alternative is to allow negative thoughts and emotions to completely derail your mindset. For some people this derailment can last for hours or even days.

At the end of the day, what you're talking about really comes back to experiencing a pattern that's getting triggered because of a root problem. And that root is still there. So the pattern is still going to keep happening until the root goes away.

If you want to try option three, addressing the root cause to identify and eliminate the reason why you get so triggered, visit Erin’s website for more information.

Erin’s journey to healing in the face of chronic pain

What brought Erin to these mindset tools was experiencing chronic pain after a mountain biking injury. But it also stemmed from childhood as she went through a long and exhausting road of looking for answers to heal her anxiety issues.

The two came together in a perfect storm of anxiety, pain and depression that left her debilitated and struggling to keep up with her business.

After the biking injury, Erin shares, “I suddenly was somebody who was walking around in chronic pain, like with pain that nobody could describe, pain that didn't show up on x-rays or MRIs, that wasn't correlated to any disease or dysfunction. Nobody could figure anything out.”

Along her journey to recovery, she would find little bits of healing wisdom gold in counseling sessions, books, research and interesting insights, things that worked for her and things that didn’t. She started tracking everything and became a collector of healing tips, tricks and tactics.

She shares, “You know I've gone all these decades in my life living and these techniques would have been so helpful. I knew I needed to share this with people.”

After testing out different modalities that did nothing for her Erin stumbled upon several different techniques that actually had an impact. She started to piece these parts together and came up with what she feels is truly a magic formula that hits a lot of what we all struggle with on different levels.

She know that so many people out there are working on their healing, but they're only hitting one part of it, which is why transformation is so hit or miss.

“That's why we're able to have a 95% plus success rate and why we're so consistent and our clients are experiencing complete transformations and changes in their lives in a matter of weeks, instead of going to therapy for decades,” Erin says.

Reset Your Mindset and Get Unstuck with Erin Pheil of Mind Fix on THE NICOLE HOLLAND SHOW podcast


  • Use the “90 Seconds and It’s Gone” technique whenever you feel negative thoughts and emotions that threaten to derail you.
  • Remember that taking the time to address your emotional reactions is always better than allowing them to throw you off course.
  • To truly eliminate the negative “stories” you tell yourself, you must get to the root cause.
  • Know that you can overcome the things that are keeping you stuck!


Erin concludes with a thought that she wants all entrepreneurs to remember, that you do have the power to overcome the things that are keeping you stuck.

She says, “I like to invite people to see what's possible. For many people, it's the first time they see that the things we’re often taught in our society are, ‘That's just who you are. And that's how things are. That's how they're going to be. And you can't change that.’

A lot of these things that we’re told are permanent or are the givens of being an entrepreneur or a high achiever aren’t givens.

It’s possible to not only get rid of these things that hold us back and that act like a big ball and chain in our entrepreneurial lives, but that it can be done fast and easily without without hassle and without stress.

I would love for more people to have seeds planted in their head that it's a possibility.”

Even if you’ve tried changing your actions or your habits and it hasn’t worked in the past, there’s a reason for it. To learn what this is and for more mindset reset strategies, visit Erin’s website at MindFixGroup.com for a free one hour training on how to get unstuck.


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