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How Having Your Own App Creates a Superior Experience for Your Customers with Troy Broussard of Membrandt

Leveraging Mobile Technology to Create a Superior Learning Management System with Troy Broussard of Membrandt on The Nicole Holland Show

In this episode I talk with Troy Broussard, best selling author, speaker and entrepreneur in the marketing and technology space about Membrandt, a platform for helping content creators, teachers, coaches, and consultants create and deliver mobile exclusive courses via a customized and branded app of their own.

As a 5-time business owner, consultant and course creator, Troy understands the power of having your content hosted on mobile exclusive apps over using mobile-friendly platforms, and why delivering your course in an app will always elevate the user experience.

He tells me, “The average consumer spends 5 hours per day in front of their phone. 92% of that time is spent in an app. If you think ‘mobile-friendly’ is good enough, you’re sadly mistaken.”

Troy shares the many features and uses of Membrandt including their white glove services that take care of all of the tech set-up for you from start to finish in just 7-10 days, segmenting integration to drip out custom and client-personalized content, one-touch portability and many more exciting features.

In This Episode You Will Learn
  • The Easy Platform for Creating a Custom Branded Course App
  • Leveraging Mobile Technology to Create a Superior Course Delivery System
  • How to Create a Personalized Experience for Your Coaching Clients (That’s Completely Hands Off For You)
  • Why a Mobile Friendly Course Delivery Platform Isn’t Good Enough Anymore
  • How One-Touch Apps Elevate the User Experience
  • Why Membership Sites Are a Dying Industry (And What to Do Instead)
  • What Not to Do When Creating a Course or Coaching System
  • A Genius Strategy for Getting People to Consume Your Content ASAP
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Troy Broussard

Troy Broussard is a parallel entrepreneur, running five different companies in the marketing and technology spaces.

He is also a best selling author, speaker and father of four. His wife and family are Brazilian and Troy has homes in Orlando, Florida, Bandon, Oregon and Sao Paulo, Brazil, frequently traveling between them.