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How Quality Audio Can Transform Your Perceived Professionalism with Michelle Levitt of Heil Sound

In this episode, I talk with Michelle Levitt, Marketing and Creative Director for Heil Sound, a microphone manufacturing company, about why using professional quality microphones in your podcast or vlog is absolutely vital to your success.

Budding podcasters and vloggers often think that their computer or phone’s built in microphone or earbuds are ‘good enough’ to produce their content.

But according to Michelle the answer to that idea is a resounding, NO! Not if you want to be taken seriously and viewed as a professional authority in your niche, that is.

As she tells me, “What you’re putting out there is a representation of you. So if that message is in audio form you need to make sure that it is representing you in a professional way. You don’t want to be the person people think, ‘Wow, they’d be great to have on my show but their audio always sounds terrible.”

Michelle shares why every podcaster and vlogger absolutely needs to invest in a quality microphone (and why it isn’t as expensive as you think), the biggest mistakes people make with their audio content (and how it’s making them look like amateurs), how to choose the best mic for your business needs, why you don’t need to soundproof your room when you have a professional microphone, and much more.

In This Episode You Will Learn
  • Why Every Podcaster and Vlogger Absolutely Needs Quality Audio
  • How Not to Sound Like an Amateur
  • The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When It Comes to Their Audio
  • How the Right Microphone Can Transform the Professionalism of Your Business
  • The “Proximity Effect” and What It Means for the Audio of Your Podcast
  • Why Your Audio Quality May Be Holding You Back From Landing Interviews
  • Simple Strategies to Test the Capacity of Your Audio
  • Why You Don’t Need to Soundproof Your Studio If You Have the Right Microphone
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Michelle Levitt has been the Marketing and Creative Director for Heil Sound for over 14 years.

Heil Sound makes microphones and headsets for stage, studio, podcast, broadcast, and ham radio.

Michelle’s background is as a musician, an artist, a marketer, and a creator. She is also the former CEO of Too Much Neon, a professional podcasting company.

She knows from experience that personal development is professional development.

When Michelle isn’t traveling and going to concerts for work she can be found traveling and going to concerts.