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how may i help you?

People come to me for a number of reasons and I do provide a number of services and depth of relationship.

This page -- and site frankly -- is a work in progress and if at any time you want to stop looking for answers and just get in touch with me to see how we might be able to make magic together, just shoot me an email at nicole at interviews that convert dot come and let me know you read this and what you'd like to discuss. 🙂

Here's some of the ways I support people:

Individually/High Level/Fast

- Marketing Audit

- Systems/Workflow Audit

- Publicity Readiness Audit

- Off-Site Intensive (Founders/C-Suite Only, Full team)

- On-Site Intensive (Founders/C-Suite Only, Full team)

- Digital & Virtual Programs

- Done-For-You Agency Services (publicity, podcasts, biz dev, events, etc)

- Done-With-You Coaching Programs (publicity, podcasts, retreats, etc)

- In-House Training and Program Development

Small Group

- MasterMind Retreats & Events

- Facilitated Workshops (tactical and inspiring)


- Podcasts/Web TV/Livestreams

- Keynotes/Emcee/Private Virtual Events

- Webinars

Does This Sound Familar?

You are an innovator, disruptor, and true thought leader in your field.

You have an abundance of knowledge, skills, proven track record of success, and maybe even a list of prestigious awards and industry accolades... but you don't flaunt them.

While money certainly matters, you're in business for more than just the money.

You're here to make a difference.

You're here to change the world.

You love what you do and are excited about expansion, yet at the same time find yourself frustrated and a little confused by how your message keeps getting overshadowed by the latest fly-by-night knock-offs.

It's not that you're against competition!

But it really riles you up to see others swoop in on your coattails and quickly and seemingly effortlessly gain the attention, trust, and wallets of your loyal buyers.

Sure, you have an abundance mindset and know that this too shall pass.

You realize that you're the original and know copycats will never push you out in the long run.

When you calmly sit down and analyze your market position, you know there's really nothing to fear.

Yet your monkey mind is keeping you on your toes!

Without sounding like you're jealous or just having a temper-tantrum, the truth is deep down you're pissed!

Not that you'd ever let anyone know though because you're a professional, you're humble and you are good.

But this is business and you know you need to reclaim your proper place at the top of your market.

Strategically and fast!

Which is why you're here.

I've got your back

My specialty is helping incredible businesses like yours get and keep the recognition you deserve, without putting pressure on your most valuable and irreplaceable resource: Time.

Your team might already be at capacity.

You may be burning the candle at both ends.

You've probably already invested in costly "solutions" that wound up leaving you worse off in their wake.

I get it.

I get you.

You aren't alone.

Here's how this works

To build strong, sustainable foundations that can withstand the tests of time, technology, and trends, an in-depth understanding of what the problems are, how they're presenting, and why they're presenting is paramount.

I'm a born problem-solver with over four decades of experience putting out fires and intentionally creating desirable outcomes. Click here to learn a bit about how I got started.

I love helping my clients by honing in on how to get them to their desired outcomes of greater visibility, better positioning, and more highly-qualified leads for greater market share and profits in the quickest, most effortless, and most enjoyable ways possible!

If this sounds like the sort of support you've been praying for, let's talk!