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Raj Jana Transforming a Side Hustle Into a Thriving Enterprise with Raj Jana of The Simply Grounded Podcast on The Nicole Holland Show podcast
Highly recommend her expertise!

Nicole is a diamond in the rough when it comes to understanding big picture strategy and connecting several dots across multiple verticals. She has made it easy, effortless, and fast for my company to experience big results - and I appreciate her sincere way of doing so. 

RAJ JANA // CEO & Founder, JavaPresse Coffee Company
Over 600 listeners joined my list within 12-days of the Interview Airing!

One thing that was so helpful in working with Nicole was how she pushed me out of my comfort zone and into owning my Rockstardom. Now people are more open to hearing what I have to say and my perfect clients email me on a daily basis. This has been a dream come true. If you’re looking for a sugar-coated-yes-man, Nicole’s not for you, but if you do what she tells you to do you can sit back and have your ideal clients emailing you too.

ALISSA DAIRE NELSON // Certified Strengths Coach, Podcaster, & Author
tyler huggins
we couldn't recommend anyone more!

Nicole is a longtime friend and advisor to Acuity Scheduling and we couldn't recommend anyone more to help you understand how to connect your brand with your audience as she's helped us.

TYLER HUGGINS // Head of Growth, Acuity Scheduling
Nicole has made me look like a hero at Animoto!

Our team was really blown away by not only how quickly she got our exec leadership on podcasts, but also her innovative and creative thinking. She cares about her clients like their business was hers. She is an awesome PR partner and I value the time I get to spend with her brainstorming and planning as she is focused on delivering as big of an impact as possible.

REBECCA BROOKS // Director of Communications, Animoto
Nicole is a genius when it comes to this!

In particular she's super, super good at finding the right people to connect me with so that I get on interviews that are a good fit, that ask great questions, that are good connections for me and my message, and where we have amazing chemistry. It's just been incredible! If working with Nicole is an option for you, just do it. Just say yes, sign on the dotted line, and pay her whatever she asks for because she is worth it 100-times over. 

CALVIN CORRELI // Founder & CEO, Simplero
If you get an opportunity to work with Nicole, TAKE IT!

Nicole doesn't waste any time identifying the gaps and opportunities for a business owner. In (seriously) a 10-minute conversation, she laid out a blueprint for my community of 180,000 members that resulted in me lining up five thought leaders to collaborate with and a systematized way to turn that content into profit.

WARREN K CARLYLE IV // Community Building Strategist
Nicole understands that simply showing up on a podcast is not enough to get results

I hired Nicole because I wanted more visibility, and what made me even more excited and willing to pay for her service was the fact that she was going to make sure that I was READY for podcast guesting. Simply getting interviewed will do nothing for my business if it isn't set up right from the start. Nicole really gave me the foundation to feel confident and prepared and podcast hosts love me!

MILANA LESHINSKY // Founder of Simplicity Circle
Nicole helped me simplify complicated & time consuming business processes

Nicole's support has resulted in me reclaiming countless hours, enabling me to focus on what’s important and the highest payoff activities I can do, as well as to conserve allocated team resources. She listens to problems and is able to quickly identify solutions that take into account her client's business model and resources for the most optimal ROI.

JASON VAN ORDEN // Thought Leadership Strategist
Nicole came at the perfect time & I've seen incredible results

The client experience is something unlike anyone else I've ever worked with. She is very high touch and she's very supportive. Nicole has provided a lot of value in how to really show up as an authority, connecting me with incredible podcast hosts, and creating valuable relationships. I've been able to grow my visibility and get out there in a bigger way since working with her. High quality, VIP experience. You really feel like a rock star when you're working with her.

KAMILA GORNIA // The Blow Up, Scale Up Marketing Strategist
Nicole has given me clarity to feel free, alive, & energized in a way I hadn't before

I am so excited and thankful that I've been working with Nicole. She's helped me organize my thoughts and understand which of my ideas are going to work and what can be put on the back burner. What I love most about her is she has an equal mix of a "no-nonsense / get-it-done / this-is-what-you-have-to-do" strategic approach but in a gentle, loving, and kind way. Working with Nicole has been everything I could have hoped for.

JOSH CARY // Founder & Podcaster, The Hidden Entrepreneur
Nicole cares about her clients & I'm grateful for her expertise

After our very first session working one on one together I created systems that not only save me time, but also money. What I like best about Nicole is that she can explain why she chooses the processes she does and that she doesn't recommend connections for the sake of closing a deal. She plays the long game through authentic relationship building. 

MIRIAM SCHULMAN // Artist & Founder of The Inspiration Place
I can count on Nicole to bring together an empowering tribe

Nicole curated an amazing evening full of meaningful conversations and connections that have continued to help me craft my business. She exudes energy and drive that attracts some of the most compassionate entrepreneurs I've ever met. What I appreciate most about Nicole's work is that she brings together an empowering community in a way that feels authentic and real: we lift each other up to create our best work. We are, after all, the sum of the people we keep around us.

MARK GUAY // Storytelling Consultant
If you want to be recognized as the expert in your field, reach out to Nicole & She'll take you there

When I first started working with Nicole I didn't quite understand how I was going to reach any of my long term goals. Since I've been working with Nicole everything in my business and personal life has improved. My productivity has gone through the roof. I always thought that to be doing as much work as I'm doing now I would have unbelievable hours but she showed me how to handle life, even as a single mom with a three year old, and to still be able to reach all of the goals that I'm setting for myself and my business. I've already exceeded my personal sales goals and what Nicole has taught me has been invaluable. Nicole and I honed in on what I really want to be doing and now I'm working the hours I want, making more money than I ever thought possible. I know exactly what I want and do only what I love -- nothing that I feel I just have to do. Everything has become easier and my life has become relaxed and so stress-free. I recommend Nicole if  you want to be at the top of your market. 

SELINA MORRISON // Published, Award Winning International Photographer
I rarely endorse businesses & Nicole gets two thumbs up from me

The promises Nicole made were pretty big and I was a little skeptical but thought even if she delivers half of that it will be worth it. Let me tell you, she's delivered and over-delivered time and again in spades. I'm watching the leads come in as subscribers to my list and just yesterday I had a consultation with a new client who came from a podcast Nicole booked me on. Because of what I do some of the hosts even inquire about becoming clients. Being a guest on other people's podcasts is an acceleration method that builds more visibility & credibility for what you do and is a way to elevate yourself and your business. If you're like me with a full life and full business but you want to add Podcasting Guesting definitely have a conversation with Nicole. I cannot recommend her more wholeheartedly. 

ADAM URBANSKI // The Millionaire Marketing Mentor
Nicole is a masterful tool box of advice, guidance & catalyst for change

Nicole's strategic steam lined approach to marketing and implementation is something I highly recommend for all business owners. Especially entrepreneurs that are looking to take themselves and their team to the next level.

DANIELLE SABRINA // Publicist & Expert PR Writer
Nicole gets my highest recommendation as a marketing mentor

Nicole is a gifted marketing expert with a unique combination of spunk, focus, clarity, and passion. Her unique ability to recognize, understand and explain complex marketing and branding has revolutionized my thinking, and more importantly, my decisions. Nicole tactfully and directly pointed me in the right direction with my marketing and got me in front of ideal clients quickly and easily.

DANIEL LEFAVE // Author & Strategic Success Coach
Nicole is a natural connector!

If you are brand building or self-promoting, Podcast Guesting can be a great option IF you are on the right podcasts and you are prepared. Don't waste your time and take Nicole's advice. Find the right podcast fit and nail your next podcast guest spot.

MICHELLE LEVITT // Marketing & Creative Director for Heil Sound
Just another indicator of the high quality of everything Nicole does

I attended one of Nicole's dinners recently, and it was an absolutely fantastic experience. I was just so impressed by how she arranged every detail, from seating arrangements, to ambiance, to food, to coordination. She has been unfailingly on-point, helpful, and full of great ideas and embodies the perfect combination of operational excellence and creative humanity.

MICHAEL SCHEIN // President of MicroFame Media & Writer
BBR 261 | Attracting The Perfect Clients
Nicole curates and hosts the best dinners & retreats

She thoughtfully invites people who are successful leaders and generous in nature. I’ve met incredible connections for my business through Nicole. She is an intelligent and intuitive consultant who brings her A-game and integrity to everything she does.

BROOKE EMERY // New Business/Partnerships
Truth Tellers don't come around often

Nicole is someone who is confident, bold with love, and helps you see things you cannot see in your own business. Nicole will point you in the right direction and sets the perfect platform for those who desire to seriously build their business.

CARDIFF D. HALL // Inspirational Speaker & Author
Nicole doesn't just claim that relationships are a cornerstone of her business, she proves it daily in her operations

Nicole facilitated several introductions between myself and key players in my niche that led directly to new opportunities for my business. I am convinced Nicole knows everyone there is to know in the coaching / digital marketing / online business space, working to connect us all towards positive ends.

BAILEY RICHERT // Business Coach for Infopreneurs & Keynote Speaker
Nicole Holland is the ideal combination of "strategist" & "tactical visionary"

She has incredible insight and expertise in helping see the big picture and pairing it with an actual plan to make things happen. Several times I've sought out Nicole's guidance to look at how I can continue to grow my brand in the most efficient manner. Simply put - Nicole is my 'go to' when I'm contemplating a decision that will help better message, market and grow my business.

LOU DIAMOND // Thought Leadership Strategist & Podcaster
If you're ready to up-level your business I HIGHLY recommend connecting with Nicole

Nicole definitely raises the bar when it comes to brand strategy. Combine that with her vibrant personality and you get this powerhouse of a Master Coach who has the ability to connect with others in a way that is 100% authentic.

VALERIE ECHTER // Stress Expert & Co-Founder of Get Good, LLC