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Thor Conklin of Peak Performers Podcast on Commitment, Delegation, and Success

Thor Conklin is an Entrepreneur, Profitability Consultant and host of Peak Performers Podcast. 2017 marks his 18th year as an entrepreneur. Thor’s 1st company was a global risk management consulting firm. His top 15 clients had a combined revenue of $12.7 billion USD and operated in over 100 countries worldwide. His background, in risk management, served him well when he lost 1/3 of his team, in the World Trade Center attacks, on 9/11. Since then, he has started, bought and sold several multi-million dollar businesses making him a sought after, cross-industrial resource for entrepreneurs and executives in all stages of business.

Through his latest venture, Peak Performance Group, he trains business leaders to be Peak Performers. He is known as the Accountability & Execution Guy.

Learn more about Thor at http://www.thorconklin.com/

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