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Tony Rulli on What True Entrepreneurial Freedom Really Looks Like

Tony Rulli runs Intentional Spark, a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Facebook advertising.

In a previous career, Tony was a Corporate Banker with Wells Fargo. But finding corporate life less than ideal, he quit and traveled around the world for a year.

Upon his return to the US, he did everything he could to never go back.

3 years later, he now works with his wife, one other full time employee, and 6+ contractors in his Digital Marketing Agency.

Tony’s journey is a really cool story!

After reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss and Vagabonding by Ralf Potts, Tony and his wife Meg quit their jobs and set out on a nomadic adventure.

Through setting up a travel blog and meeting lots of freelancers along the way, Tony found inspiration and the practical resources he needed to turn his long-term desire for building a company into a reality.

Starting with a spice box subscription service, his entrepreneurial pursuit has taken a handful of turns and we dug into some of the common trials that entrepreneurs face, but rarely talk about openly.

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